* Anniversary* – How The News Travels – Artist Talk + Q&A

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How the news travels is a British-US-Danish collaboration between four visual artists and printers – David Armes, Jens Jørgen Hansen, Megan Adie and Luise Valetiner – brought together around the “literary time-capsule” of the NSU archive. Using the medium of letterpress printing to respond to the stories and discussions from NSU’s past, How the news travels takes a once-industrial process and uses it to craft a unique binding of prints, each page crafted by hand.

On July 31st at 7pm-8pm, project creator David Armes will unveil a digital version of the artist book, and talk through his journey from the crumpled Danish newspaper pages that packed his studio’s Eickhoff printing press (built in Copenhagen in 1956) to the finished volume.

How the news travels reinterprets NSU’s place in Nordic history and public life by weaving conventional narratives, images, symbols and literal texts. The bound artist book has been formed to show the tough material of NSU. As COVID-19 forced a shutdown of normal activities across the world, the essential elements which have made NSU thrive for our 70 years – interdisciplinary collaboration, across borders, sharing time in intimate surroundings – have been under great strain.

How the news travels is created by letterpress artist David Armes: http://www.redplatepress.com & on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @redplatepress.