Invitation to the opening reception and regional meetings – Sunday 26th of July

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  • Meeting ID: 955 8124 1832
  • Password: 069977

On the opening day, Sunday the 26th of July, the NSU Board will hold a huge, virtual reception for all participants, coordinators and the Arrangement Committee. So bring your own champagne, say hello to old and new friends, and raise your glass to the Study Circle Coordinators, the Arrangement Committee, and all the people involved in making this week possible. The reception will begin at 14:00 CET, or 15:00 EEST.

After the reception we will go directly into break-out rooms where the regional meetings will be held. In these meetings participants will get a chance to discuss regional matters within the NSU, establish contacts across the study circles, and – last but not least – elect representatives to the General Assembly and the Nominating Committee. In other words, very important preparations for the Summer Session week.

To join the reception and regional meetings you will need to register by clicking here. Note that this registration is apart from the regular registration for the Summer Session as mentioned above.


Regional Meetings assemble participants of NSU according to their affiliation with one of the following seven regions: Sweden; Denmark; Norway; the West Nordic (Iceland and the Faroe Islands and Greenland); Finland (including Åland); the Baltics; and the international group.

Each Regional Meeting elects two delegates to the General Assembly, and one representative to the Nominating Committee. All three representatives are elected to serve for one year.
The region that will host the next Summer Session shall, in dialogue with the Board, ensure members participation in the Arrangement Committee for the General Assembly.Regional Meetings also discuss regional matters within NSU, establish contacts and networks across the study circles.