C9 Räsänen: Post-Apocalyptic Drawing Workshop (2/2)

Saturday 1 August at 10–12 & 14–16 CET

Henna Räsänen

Welcome to the (Post)Apocalyptic Drawing Workshop! MadMax, climate catastrophe, Putins on their bears, the attack of the Hell Hound Poodles, the burning rain forests, the looming Second Wave of the pandemic, did Trump really need to try out all the buttons… so many endings, so little time!!
In this workshop that catches us in the eye of the storm of the mid- pandemic, we channel our end of the world feelings into comics and drawings with light-hearted exercises. During the second half we create our own minizines – actual multi-page zines folded from one paper – to work the topic in depth and approach The End with proper flare of our own. End is nigh, let’s draw together!

Drawing paper, favorite markers, A4-A3 papers for the Minizine, scissors/cutter and a ruler are needed for this workshop.

This drawing workshop has a limited number of participants.

The workshop will take place on Zoom, please register to Circle 9 to get access to the Zoom link!