C7 Alia Zapparova, Erica Böhr, Frauke Ebert, Renata Gaspar, Stephanie Hanna: We (don’t) need a title (1/2)

Alia Zapparova, Erica Böhr, Frauke Ebert, Renata Gaspar, Stephanie Hanna

Where are you, I wonder? Distanced access to one another’s presence, facilitated by ones and zeros that can dematerialize and rematerialize through the air, particles that carry my thoughts to your house. We hope to meet again. What will happen then?

We are planning to unplan and not-planning to plan:

a collaboration
a space of sharing
a playground of uncertainty
a meeting place of doubts

A group of people will meet in Berlin. We will have a meeting point from where we can go off in different directions and make excursions out into the city.

We will start in the middle, with constellations of not-knowing, and see if knot-knowing emerges. Instead of creating pressure to be productive, we will explore what it means to work under conditions of uncertainty.

These are some strategies that we will explore:

collective cartographies
multiplicities of languages, of layers, of selves
non-linear thinking, non-linear naming, non-linear trajectories
simultaneities, pluralities
shared reflection time, different timescapes in place
making of alternative landscapes for encountering one another
spontaneous combustions by creating and holding space together