C7 Tiny Festival Producers: the whimsical maze of playfulness – close encounters in a distance

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– the whimsical maze of playfulness – close encounters in a distance In our recent works we have been investigating the personal encounter, meetings in small tents as one-to-one performances. With todays practice of social distance due to the corona situation, this set up is not possible. New circumstances demands new rules that makes us try out new ways on how to continue our investigation of human specific performance.
For the summer session 2020, we want to propose a live, participatory event – a personal encounter in a distance (a contradiction in itself – that we want to bend) where we play with what we have in the current situation of quarantine. We want to create a meeting in the concept of a whimsical game-quizz play in a maze-like non-logical string of questions without any specific or correct answers.
We want to create a break of playfulness and joy of the unknown in an uncertain world. Sending our message from three individual intimate and tiny spaces connected to leisure, such as a tent, a boat or a hut in dialogue with our fellow circle 7- members, we want to investigate the meaning of nonsense in the confusing and fragmented time we are currently experiencing. We will work on line, we will present ourselves in three different intimate tiny spaces. The participants can visit us via one digital platform. We want to create the illusion of entering into three different spaces. We will try out some different solutions during June to find the best way of communication. We might also use communication through text and voice messages.