C7 Lyons & al.: The Absurd Consequences of Walking in the Time of Covid

Lucy Lyons, Gill Wilson, Angela Malone, Alex Noble, Hayley White

Online via Zoom

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Trace: Absurd Consequences of Walking in the Time of Covid

Presentation, live game/performance and trace*

Please join us on Monday 27th July at 1:00pm when we will take our digital walk with you all by playing  the Surrealist parlour games of Exquisite Corpse / Consequences with the images and texts you have shared. Who knows where the walk will take us and what new spaces we will share.

We don’t know where you will walk, you don’t know where, when or how we will walk but this game and the art of “not knowing,” can bring our walks together. These walks can be real, imagined, take place inside, outside, be in the past, present or future.

We ask you to share your walks in the following ways:

1 Collect objects, make drawings, paintings or collages, or take photos of your walk.

2 Whether a Flâneuse/Flâneur that wanders lost and aimlessly or one that strolls and commentates on the world, write a short text to accompany your images describing your walk. This can be written in the past, present, future, occupy other spaces or lives and times, it can be real or fictional, prose, poetry, spontaneous or a narrative. It can be repeated words, it can be just a few words or much longer.

Upload the images of your objects, drawings and journeys and your text to your Google drive and share them with us by emailing me at lucylyons68@yahoo.co.uk


The aim is to apply the rules of consequences/ exquisite corpse to the act of taking a walk. The rules of these games involve a state of Not Knowing. Each player does not know where the previous person has walked, how they have done this and how this has manifested.

The journey and spaces covered are the heterotopic spaces of the past, present and future, of the real imagined, digital, historically accurate or fictional, personal, poetic, written, filmed or performed. They might include 100s of miles of detour before returning, or only a few yards.The accumulation of the collective walks and thoughts will be brought together to create an unfolding view of our locations in the times of Covid. This reflection and commentary on our environment will show how we can inhabit multiple worlds simultaneously and embody them as one multiple event/performance walk.