C7 Ajauksia: Sensory Experiences: An Articulating and Perceiving Body (in Urban Space)

Ajauksia group invites people to join an excursion of sensory bodily actions in an urban environment in Helsinki.

In the workshop we visit places that we are not likely to enter otherwise. We will explore urban nature, sense our surroundings and examine different ways to experience the city. The core ideas of our practice are shared responsibility and respect with space for diversity and dissidence. We ask: What is bodily energy and how is it generated? What does the encountering between two or more subjects or between subject and object produce? What is the importance of corporeality and embodiment? What will happen when the spoken language is excluded, and what language does the body use in these situations?

The workshop consists of collective exercises based on bodily sensations. During the exercises we pay attention to our senses and let them guide us. The exercises aim to open different ways of observing and experiencing the environment. Sensory input offers possibilities to variety of experiences, a dialogue and encounters with the environment. Our aim is to understand sensory experiences from the perspective of human and through that open up the question of non-human experience, which leads to the question of existence and ecology.