C7 Leppävuori: Walking my dog, Debe

Ulla Leppävuori


We are having short walk through Lapinlahti park to observe the play of light and shadow.  Lapinlahti park is situated in my neighbourhood. The walk we do together often belongs to my morning walks with Debe-dog. The walk goes across open and closed space made by plants and shapes of the landscape and between different materials, among playful and varying light conditions. During May, June and  July 2020 I carried camera and made selection of photos for Nordic Summer University online:



Theme is related to my early writing Kävelyllä Händelin kanssa/ A walk with Händel, 2007, which was a short story about observations from visual artist’s point of view made by walking Händel-dog in Töölö, neighbourhood  of Lapinlahti area. The text was tribute to one’s own everyday environment and was inspired by Ned Rozell’s travelling novel Walking My Dog, Jane, journey along the Trans-Alaska pipeline with Jane-dog as traveller partner.

This part of NSU summer school is also belonging to my ongoing long term project, which is  working within border of build and unbuild environment.