C7 Kanno: Touch & Open-Window Concerts

Mieko Kanno


Local gathering + music performance through an open window. For leaving a ‘trace’, I’ll write a text.

I propose a 15-minutes individual contribution about my initiative: sharing of an ‘open-window’ concert every Saturday at 5pm, which began as an informal activity following the implementation of social distance restrictions in Finland. I live in a large block of apartments on the fifth floor, facing a courtyard encircled by approximately 100 apartments. I play relatively known solo violin pieces, mostly Bach, for about 10 minutes every week. My intention is to play to ordinary people like myself who are stuck at home during this period.

The initiative is part of my desire to understand ‘touch’ in music. You cannot touch music, but music can touch you. What kind of touch is it, and what are the conditions that make this kind touch possible? And how does this kind of touch relate to the physical touch of playing the violin?