C7 Kul, Zemaityte: Relational gameobjects

Julia Kul, Simona Zemaityte

Platform: Jitsi
Requirements: computer with camera, home environment, and registration ahead of the game (on doodle)

We kindly invite YOU to take part in a game RELATIONAL GAME OBJECTS on 26th July Sunday 7pm onwards.
Please register and choose the most suitable time slot here

E-mail: s.zemaityte@gmail.com and julakul@gmail.com for any questions
The number of places is limited

26 July CET: 7pm-11pm (EEST – 8pm – midnight), Duration: 40 – 60 min x 6 sessions in small groups

Someone once described the experience that we never had before as ,,vujade” (the opposite of dejavu”). New reality generated by the pandemics gave rise to new forms of learning, connecting, creating and exchange. Once again we realised that we exist not in between the poles of opposites, the global and the historical (so common in political and scientific discourses), but in complex interconnection between multiple living and nonliving actors, as described by Latour. Drawing from this framework described in his book ,,Gaiya” we would like to invite participants to play a game that would allow entertainment and deep learning at the same time. Game structure is old as humanity, and play is one of the first things we learn as humans when we are small. Play allows transformation on a personal and societal level. Play helps to develop social bonds, emotional resilience and physical wellbeing.

Game and play are widely discussed in the context of philosophy by Johan Huizinga and Roger Caillois. In their understanding the game is like an act of stepping out of “real” life into a temporary sphere that evades established norms and easy assumptions. The process of playing can be driven by either the aim of winning or the aim of exploring new possibilities that the imaginative structure of the game offers.  Game allows both – participation and viewing. It also produces material and immaterial traces. The term ,,good game’’ usually refers to a process with complex interactions and new knowledge or powerful emotional journeys produced while playing.

We have produced a game structure which allows us to explore home environments and interact with each other with the aim to investigate value structures on a personal level as well as the group. We invite players to embark on a fictional space exploration journey, with an aim to rescue humanity. During this mission players will collaborate with living and nonliving actors and at times make hard choices with the aim to rescue others.