C7 Willström, Aaltonen: Spheres of Influence

Laura Willström & Titta Aaltonen

Harakka Island / online

Photographs on Instagram: @trashinthesea_

Every day we take a walk along the shores of our home island Utö, that is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. There we find objects brought by the sea. We find wrappings, packages and bottles that have texts for example in Polish, Russian, Swedish, and Chinese. These objects have floated ashore from the countries located around the Baltic Sea, and from boats travelling across the sea.

We have collected the objects that have arrived to the shore, and photographed them. These objects visualize both globalization and different spheres of influences that Utö island is part of. Islands are interesting points of study, because all influences – both material and immaterial – come there across the sea.

In our presentation we introduce the objects we have collected and photographed. Our aim is to search and find, in a playful way, new connections between these dispersed objects. We also want to raise discussion about the topics involved.