C7 Vapaavuori: Personal portable light situation / LIGHT WALK OUT OF FOCUS

Nanni Vapaavuori
Outdoors / Local live event on Harakka Island / Helsinki
3 sessions with 3-4 participants / at 15:00, 15:30 and 16:00
Public trace: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AirBLL1B4I3yh7hje16gS1ZTii8m2A?e=fonP1F

Please pre-assign by email nanni.vapaavuori(at)uniarts.fi or join the gathering on the spot.

To hold the sheet of beeswax, you need a pair of headphones. There will be some available, but if you prefer your own ones for your personal use, please, bring them with you.

The gathering is a light walk with the intensity of color, light and space. The event is a shared but a personal light situation, a shared space in an open outdoors, formed by the qualities of light.

The shared characteristics of the space are created by means of translucent sheets of beeswax, bringing out the different attributes of light; color, intensity, direction, distribution and movement. Each of the participants will have a mouldable sheet of beeswax to be bended to cover the entire field of vision – letting you to keep your eyes wide open, still having an uniform quality of light on your field of sight, filling it in its entirety.

The pleasure and playfulness are involved in the spatiality of the walk as a method and a strategy to open up the sphere of visuality, to focus out of focus – and out of the focus. The path of the walk might not be long in steps or in distance, but the destinations depends on which way each participant is facing.

The use of beeswax for modifying the qualities of light proceeds from a lighting design for a dance performance of Leila Kourkia (Nevereverland, 2017). At the moment my interest in the effects of the diffuse qualities of gloom is involved in an ongoing project (As a Skin, 2021) with choreographer Virva Talonen. In this experiment of light walks I´m focusing on the relationship between the focus and the peripheral surroundings.

The event itself takes no more than fifteen minutes, but another fifteen minutes should be counted for starting with shared instructions. After the walk there will be paper and pens available for feedback, notes or reflection.