C7 Heikkilä: Demarcation

Olga Heikkilä

Helsinki / Vimeo

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Password: olga

Composition work for voice and electronics to the poems by Joni Pyysalo made into 15 min video in collaboration with Karin Pennanen in summer 2020. The starting points for both visual and musical material are improvisation, playfulness and artistic freedom. We are playing with though that life is a process of dying in slow-motion. The frame for this work is nature. Questions to be asked are: How demarcation is present in artistic research and could it be seen as playfulness? How it will change the perspective when we play with thought about life being a slow process of dying? Joni Pyysalo has unique ability to play with weighty and serious subjects through his texts. The music inspired by these texts has the same qualities: melodic lines representing seriousness and electronic sounds breaking them into the playful multilayered laughters. Nature as frame is hearable also in the music as sounds of birds, insects and wind are demarcating with the vocal phrases, speech, whispers and other sounds.

Please find the English translations of Demarcation lyrics under this link: