C7 Che, Trento: Something We Love Very Slowly (SWLVS)

Dasha Che and Francisco Trento

Public trace: Audiovisual piece, online video platform


We, the slow intimacy seeking duo of artists, want to investigate which intimacies and modalities of communication are backgrounded and considered as undesirable outcomes that exclude the non-human. We aim to foreground more-than-human socialites by ecologically thinking our entanglement with objects and bringing them to the realm of intimacy. Objects comfort us, and we care about them, yet they do not exist for us. The Anthropocene epoch requires new ethical parameters of care (de La Bellacasa, 2017) that nurtures both human and non-human relationalities.

We are tempted to explore through video how these acts of care take shape in the post-pandemic scenario, by interacting – touching, sensing, feeling, moving, hearing – with non-human materialities we find on our walks around Jätkäsaari or Merihaka in Helsinki. There is no rigid separation between the clips filmed by the two artists, as there are no indissoluble bodies but always entanglements between human and non-human materialities.

One of us, Dasha Che, a human dancer, wanders around familiar and unfamiliar sites, at times loses verticality to crawl, curl, lie, and pass time on urban surfaces with a post-corona residue, dreaming of the kind of dramaturgies that can develop out of encounters with non-human bodies through sharing slow temporalities, unexpected affect, touch and weight. Living in a lonely exhausted by the pandemic body of a foreigner, Dasha begins to turn themselves into waste, a trash of Helsinki, a foreign trash of Finland. There is kinship with other expendables of urban spaces that one can develop when feeling like a surplus themselves. Dasha attempts to document these slow and “problematic erotic pairings” (Katherine Behar, 2016) on video.

Another one, Francisco Trento, a confused artist-researcher interested in non-neurotypical modes of seeing, feeling and communicating. They fell in love many times with non-human companions during their long periods of contemplation in the Helsinki shipyard, and are always looking to find hidden thingies on the street that are somehow capable of bringing some joy into their life (and vice-versa).