C7 Guerra: Reassembling us again after the confinement in the streets and parks

Luis Guerra

Trace: https://www.luisguerra.org/reassembling-us-again

Pleasure and playfulness have become a complex matter nowadays. It is challenging to situate both concepts, particularly within artistic or sensible practices impacted by the confinement. Minor gestures, invisible or unnoticed events, simple facts have probably become the surfaces through which feeling and sensing some sort of pleasure. And playfulness has been deeply stressed by the current crisis.

The experience of confinement has been very hard in Barcelona. The cultural fabric in Spain has been gravely damaged. Many artists-parents have been faced with the problematic situation of responding to family necessities and the shortage of jobs and resources at the same time. My proposal considers a gathering of artists-parents in Barcelona (no more than 10, because of the current sanitary restrictions). The idea is to share our experiences in solving daily life and artistic practices during the confinement, and how the current situation has pushed us to reconsider the concepts of pleasure and playfulness, particularly when the crisis has transformed us in constant daily companions of our children.

The gathering considers the participation of artists and other cultural agents with children in Barcelona. It should happen in a specific space, Espai Aigua, an alternative pedagogic project. The grant resources will be used for the assembly in the place, considering being together as a statement, for recording the gathering, and for editing the recorded material. If, for any reason, the meeting can’t be developed, it would be realized digitally.

Some of the questions I would like to explore with the gathering are: Should we, as a harvesting collective of the current experience, exchange our perspectives regarding the future of our practices for the advancement of public policies in the cultural sector? How are we managing the coexistence of the production model in the current art-cultural fields, the extension of the crisis, and the desire for a profound change in the prerogatives driving our cultural production in society? Is there any aspect of the confinement that has triggered new agencies regarding pleasure and playfulness in our work as artists?