C7 Gelder: I can remotely see you

Grace Gelder
London / online

Photographs, drawings and writing from and about the workshop will be collated after the event and shared on my website and as a downloadable PDF.

This gathering is a playful exploration of Remote Viewing (where a person attempts to capture an image of another place telepathically) inspired by the life and work of photographer & camera woman Hella Hamid.

As part of research for a new project about Hella Hamid I have encountered reports of her performance as a remote viewer during a CIA-funded research project at Stamford University. The act of remote viewing struck me as something we’ve all been doing during lockdown; travelling to faraway places in our minds. With access to google maps, google earth and free photos online, we don’t need to attempt to depend on our imaginations; but it is fun to explore this method and “technology” that was once invested in so heavily. In the process we’ll learn about the work of Hella Hamid, largely unknown who led a fascinating

The proposed gathering of up to 15 people working in trios will provide a chance to explore remote viewing using guidance and readings from the original (now declassified) instruction manuals. Like Hella Hamid, who volunteered for the programme as a “control remote viewer” we will all be testing our abilities with no prior knowledge and mostly for a bit of fun. Tasks will include drawing and observing each other’s performance.

1.5/2 hours – Hampstead Heath and/or online – many options here can figure out specific closer to the time

Intro to the method & Hella Hamid
1st round of experiments
2nd round of experiments
3rd round of experiments

Discussion + reflection