C7 Fari: (Re)playing documents or performing the screen

Nathalie Fari

Online / Zoom

Time: Jul 31, 2020 06:00 PM Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

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Passcode: 048599

For the upcoming NSU Summer (Dis-)Symposium, I would like to propose a small gesture, specifically, an online performance-lecture entitled (re)playing documents or performing the screen. At the core of this lecture (of about 15 minutes), lies an audio-visual and playful reflection upon the current ‘global move’ of theaters and/or performers into the digital realm. By using the notion of ‘expanded documentation’ as well as the platform zoom, this lecture not only experiments with different medias and/or digital technologies. Besides that, it seeks to create types of performative documents (or performance histories) that overlap, synchronize or even merge, its documentary qualities with fiction. While there are parts of the lecture that employs pre-recorded materials and/or data from my current research project, there are others, that turn to specific examples on how performance practices have been since the outbreak of COVID-19, mediated on the internet, be it live or through the record of past events. What does these examples tell us about the specificity and nature of live performance? Equally, what role does documentation and the archive play in face of a growing concern towards the preservation, representation and dissemination of performance? And finally, how can these new digital formats in turn, help us to reflect upon forms of documentation and live experience? are some central questions to me. In this lecture, I aim to address these rather complex questions in a playful, performative and documentary way, i.e. while my body is giving some possible answers or reactions to what it has been witnessing on the internet at different time-zones and localities, it also offers ways in which documentation, especially the act of documenting, can be used for recording, (re)telling or reenacting a performance for both a present and future audience.