C7 Balode: Pleasure and Playfulness INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL for Times of Crisis

Inta Balode
Lādezers, Latvia

Saturday August 1 at 14:00–15:00 CEST. 

Please note: this event is taking place on Central European Time!
Password for the meeting is: laukku

After August the INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL will be available online – most likely in text format but can be also audiovisual if participants prefer.

From July 27 to August 1 in Lādezers, Latvia which is the headquarters of the international collective LAUKKU (www.laukku.lv) around 10 artists / researchers artists from different fields will come together to work on INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL.

Each participant will lead one workshop / practice / other activity for the group and record it in some format for the INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL. On August 1, the group will share some key items from the INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL on Facebook Live. Everybody is welcome to join the session online.
The result of the days of interdisciplinary immersion into pleasure and playfulness will be a simple, hopefully attractive and educative material. It will help you to get some pleasure and enjoy some playfulness during the crisis conditions as the basis for new strategies for arts and life in general. INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL will be easy doable descriptions of activities that anybody can practice without knowing the context. Simultaneously it will serve as a guide in the experience of artistic research and contemporary arts.