C5 & C8 Szygenda: Could Student Mobility Favor Democratic Growth?

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Could Student Mobility Favor Democratic Growth? An analysis of Rancière’s conception of democracy

Presentation by Elodie Szygenda

In this paper, I examine the relationships between student mobility and democratic growth. More precisely, I take a look at the Erasmus experience while moving aside from traditional conceptions of democracy. It is from the work of the philosopher Jacques Rancière that a more substantial and dynamic conception of democracy is found. Indeed, for the philosopher, democracy is not a state of thing but rather a sporadic event, a never ending activity moving society from a hierarchical order to an equal order. An order where invisible conflicts become visible, where illegitimate subjects enter the scene of politics. With this idea in mind, I argue on the one hand, that the experience of student mobility engenders more democracy through emancipation via displacement. Mobile students disturb the preestablished hierarchical order by disidentifying themselves from assigned roles and places. On the other hand, in order to explore the anti-democratic forces that could apply on student travellers, I analyse the impact of transnational institutions in shaping the student’s experience. Empirical studies show that very little evidence is found concerning the factual impact of those institutions despite their will to, for instance, create a European identity and legitimate governance at the European level.

However, a very factual hindrance to democratization through student mobility is investigated by looking at who participate in those mobility programmes. Therefore, I conclude that despite being on the path of engendering emancipated citizens, the Erasmus programme would gain being more inclusive in order to favor democratic growth.

Perhaps you also need(?) a few words on my background, so here it is: I am a student at the University of Oslo. I finished my BA in Pedagogikk this June and applied for the masters “Utdanning, Danning og Oppvekst” with the Utdanningsvitenskapelig institutt. I also have a BA in French Literature and a one year’s masters in Language Didactics with the University Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. My interests lie greatly in philosophy of education a particular appeal for questions related to emancipation on the one side and how we live together (in democracy?) on the other side.

On Zoom: for information on how to join follow this link: https://cutt.ly/XsjVtXj