C4 Slätis: Impotent images

Narratives of violence, but void of bodies
An audiographic installation

Thomas Slätis | thomas.slatis@helsinki.fi
Nordic Summer University – Summer session 2020 // Study Circle 4 //

Trace event on Friday 31 July 10:00–10:30 (CET), 11:00–11:30 (local time)
Online: https://meet.jit.si/StudyCircle4_ImpotentImages_AudiographicInstallation

IRL micro meet-up:
Venetsia building, Lapinlahti historical mental hospital area
Fahlanderin puistokuja, 00180 Helsinki

The development of the installation will be blogged
and open for comments as of the trace event.

Images circulating in media networks depicting disasters,
conflict zones and human hardship are tautological.
Despite their descriptive power, these images are
frequently trite, sometimes aestheticised, and nearly all
remain powerless beyond their graphic value. They do not
inform us, move us, but are impotent – or conversely, we
remain blind to the implication of their contents.
Images are affirmative statements. In this installation,
however, the images are vacant of common conventions
and instead metonymic. The images engage viewers by
leaving them to fill in the blank based on imagination and
their exposure to thousands of images preceding the one
in front of them. But in order to see the image you will
need to listen.