C4 Nolan-Roll/Harmat: Beyond the rape: Empowering narratives

Dr Jelena Nolan-Roll 
Dr Gal Harmat

Online. Please get in touch on Drnolanroll@gmail.com or Gal.harmat@gmail.com with email subject: Beyond the rape. Thank you.

Drs Harmat and Nolan-Roll are calling participants to join an interdisciplinary study circle addressing empowerment and resistance through examining identities of people from diverse genders and intersectional backgrounds with a lived experience of empowering themselves.

In addressing how these bodies narrate empowerment and violence we will reflect on the implications and effects of such (embodied) practices— whether positive or negative—and on the possible strategies to counter-act or counter-story them. For example, one of the outcomes of this will be the map of innovative responses, created using participatory methodologies with diverse group of right holders that will examine passive and active forums of language, narratives, discourses and movement / embodiment of resistance and empowerment.

Specifically, we will address the issues of:

Once we resist the harassment, violence or abuse, how are our lived experiences told? What strategies are different people from different walks of life using to navigate those meaning landscapes? How can we facilitate ownership of these narratives so they do not get ‘hijacked’ by newspapers and social movements?

If you feel you could contribute to this with your story we would love you to join us.

Who do we want to participate?

People with lived experience of empowering themselves after, during or before encountering violence. We hope to interview 17 participants.

If you feel you could contribute to this with your story we would love to hear from you.