C3 Sauka, Antanoviča: Humanism in the military

Anne Sauka
Agnija Antanoviča

Zoom, contact hospitality.solidarity@gmail.com

The question “What is human?” today is also deeply connected with the questions of military activities – is solidarity commensurable with the military? What is the place of human solidarity in the military? And is war justifiable at all?

Recognizing the relevance of these human conditions, we invite scholars from various fields of academic or political spheres to address the societal and ethical concerns of the processes in the military, and to consider applying for presenting a short paper that will serve as a topic for the online discussion at this event. We organize this ‘trace’ as a pre-read conference section and, thus, kindly invite contributing papers a week prior to the presentations. Each presenter will also be allotted a five-minute slot for presenting their paper during the event (‘trace’) itself. We also invite interested parties to submit short reflections on the topic as participation notices for the discussion, without presenting a paper.