C3 Rutherford, Mundair: Post-capitalist futures. Reading drawing group

Ailie Rutherford

Jitsi. Contact us to receive more information on the reading & getting the link to join through Jitsi: reading-drawing@swapmarket.info

We invite participants to collectively imagine a post-capitalist world by reading related articles, drawing, reflecting together and making plans for action​.

​Join in a session of this UK-based group that uses creative and playful means to imagine radical alternatives to the capitalist economy. They draw from texts in feminist philosophy, feminist economics and reflections from activist groups.

During covid-19 and social distancing, we have begun a programme of remote exchange and skills sharing including an online events programme. We have formed a reading and drawing group, which grew organically from the remote exchanges of the Swap Market project, in particular the future visioning exercises lead by artists Ailie Rutherford and Raman Mundair.