C2 Jones: Zoom reads you

16.00-17.00 / 1.08. Presentation of the results of the survey / registration here.

The results will be presented on 1.08.2020 within the frames of Nordic Summer University and followed by a Q&A session.

What do our gestures, including our micro / macro facial expressions, nervous ticks, grimaces and glances say about us? What is the story we are telling intentionally or unintentionally when we are on video chat and how does this perpetual storytelling effect our understanding of ourselves and our world? What can we gain from a critical awareness of these questions in conversation with philosophical, aesthetic and sociological concerns?

Zoom Reads You is an interactive web-based creative writing experiment, recorded and performed by invited guests and an artificial intelligence. You are invited to have your web presence interpreted by a GPT2 and computer vision-enabled creative writing program over live stream using WebRTC (similar to Zoom).

Participants engaged online at set times by invitation and research was gathered in the form of recordings.

“Zoom fatigue” has been recognized as a global phenomenon and the inadequacies of bandwidth-dependent correspondences to create intimacy or authentically compensate for IRL human interactions are apparent. At the same time, few efforts have been made towards exploring alternative platforms, such as responsive or generative technologies that might lend themselves to new modes of conversation.

It is not a surprise that there has been a re-emergence in considerations of philosophical concepts like mind-body duality in conversation with transhumanist conceptions of the embedded technological future. From here, not only do familiar questions of monkeys, typewriters, and Shakespeare start to emerge but more specifically when (if ever) will the hybrid monkey-typewriter arrive and at what point do monkey and typewriter cease to be (individually) either monkey or typewriter?

You can join the discussion in our zoom room.


Mirabelle Jones is a queer non-binary creative technologist, writer and interdisciplinary artist born in Oakland, California and currently living in Copenhagen, Denmark. Recently, they served as the Senior Designer / Developer for Meow Wolf ‘s interactive technology team with a specialization in interactive storytelling using sensors and computer vision. The first person to obtain an M.F.A. in Book Art & Creative Writing from Mills College with a focus in Fiction, their works have been acquired by the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, the Center on Contemporary Art, UC Berkeley, the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Syracuse University, and many other institutions. They have held residencies at Women’s Studio Workshop, KALA Arts Institute, Codame, Arts Everywhere and Unit One. Their most recent exhibitions include the Museum Meermanno, The Center for Performance Research and the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. They are an active book artist, interactive storyteller and analog novelist investigating the contemporary role of the book in our digitally-saturated world.