C2 Lou Cantor: The Oracle. Workshop (2/2)

14.00-16.00 / 1.08.

The Oracle. Workshop (Part 2)

UPD: You can still participate in the second part. Please, find joint writing pad of the workshop here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Lou_Cantor-keep . To get more info how to prepare for the next session pre-register here

The Oracle is a work of speculative fiction. Situated in the future, when all political power and agency has been handed over to Post-Human Intelligence. A monologue is held by an avatar of the new governing power. Representing itself in a form of human-shaped but nevertheless synthetic lips, the consul of new world order remains disembodied and signals its origin in the higher-order. 

Humans now relying on AI to solve the most basic of life’s problems are searching for a glimmer of either guidance, honesty, or information about their current status and what they must survive this new world order. A hunger for guidance and direction, and hence the desire for humans come to hear to AI – Oracle in prominence. 

At this two day  speculative fiction workshop, the script (the monologue) will be written collectively with the participants of a workshop as a reflection of the discussion and critique of future models of existence. 

You can join the discussion in our zoom room.

The narrative will explore themes, including: 

  • The organizational shift of structures along which social life is architectured provoked by government or self-imposed isolation introduced in response to a global health crisis
  • The Social Network and how the reckless admission of personal data directly contributed to the intelligence of the AI’s
  • The idea of Distributed Intelligence— ability to make models — Automating the creation of models — Artificial Intelligence
  • Exploring ‘deep fake’ and the ramifications of no longer knowing, or caring what the real is 
  • Mindfulness and it’ service of late capitalism 
  • Economic crisis and post-work society 
  • AI takes over as supreme power over the world / modus operandi of the hive mind

To register for the workshop, please write to Lou Cantor directly, putting us in cc. 

Lou Cantor is a Berlin-based artist collective founded in 2011 (presently consisting of Jozefina Chetko and Kolja Glaeser) whose main scope of interest is grounded in intersubjectivity and interpersonal communication. Lou Cantor’s practice explores the polysemic minefield of contemporary communication, where medium, message, and meaning constantly fold back into each other. Lou Cantor’s preferred theatre of operations, in other words, is that which a certain French theorist has termed the “Empire of Signs” – and their preferred subject the spell cast by the enigma of signification on the minds of this Empire’s peoples.Based on the collectives actual field of research they regularly release readers and contribute to various publications. Previous exhibitions include Ars Electronica, Linz; Hypersea, curated by Juliette Desorgues; The Policeman’s Beard is Half Constructed, Bonner Kunstverein, Bonn; Spiritual Reality, Decad, Berlin; Fellow Travelers, apexart, NY; Cyborg Dreams, Pitt St, NY; The Labour of Watching, leto gallery, Warsaw and OSLO10, Basel; Language and Misunderstanding, CUNY, NY; Epistemic Excess, Artists Space, New York; 7th Berlin Biennale and New National Art, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw.