C1 Mironova: Return

Žanna Mironova

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The city and its inhabitants are the best carriers of information, traditions and history. Only through the relationship between man and the city, the interweaving of their personal stories, does the narrative of the city arise. So far I have studied many urban litterary texts of different whriters, but this time I created my own Riga text.

            Through my Trace I propose to go through the streets of Riga on a journey of memory.  With the help of a first-person literary text and photo/video materials, I will tell the story of my family. Through family history, I will introduce some of Riga’s neighborhoods, streets and homes and try to show how they have changed over the past seventy years. Together with personal story I will tell some episodes of our common history – the city and the country, its brightest and key moments, which today seem distant and almost unreal.            

It is also my personal story of returning home, looking for a home and myself. Here, better than anywhere else, we look at it through a new prism, ourselves and those others who were here before you. It is also a journey through time and space that needs to be made to better understand today.