C1 Ianchenko: Art Therapy Online Session 3/4

Aleksandra Ianchenko
What is “home”?
Art Therapy Online Session
!!! 8 participant limit !!!
The participants should register in Google Forms
The registration is needed to limit the number of participants and to collect data (country, gender, email) which will be used for the repost later.
After the registration the participants will receive a link to Zoom Meetings!

Different visual associations emerge in our mind when we are
asked to define what means “home”. During our art therapy
online session, we are going to let these associations flow and
express them on a plain A4 paper sheet. The session will start
with the brief introduction and breathing exercise that help us to
activate our creative energy. Then each of us can express
her\his understanding of “home” using any tools which leave
traces on paper. At the end we will have discussion about what
we have created.
The session does not aim to provide a universal definition of
what “home” is, but rather emphasises the multiplicity of
individual opinions and their visual representations.
The sessions will take place four (4) times – 28.07; 30.07; 31.07;
at 11:00-11:40 (CET) and 01.08 at 11.30-12.10 CET in Zoom.

Please note that by attending the session you give your consent to use the following data for the project’s purposes: recording the sessions (all records will never be published, will be stored by the author until the 31th of August and then deleted); photos of you creative works (please send photos to sasha201@tlu.ee ) and snippets from your oral explanations of them.

The project will be published on http://www.sasha-art.com and
including photos of the creative works with short descriptions
based on the oral explanations. Names of the participants will
not be published.