C1 Orinska, Feldberga, Moore: Blooming out


The main performance video stream will be available on Facebook:


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The project “Blooming – Out “will be realized by artists Laura Feldberga, Simona Orinska and Sabine Moore. The main idea is to make online performance, based on personally strong impact of virus to our imagination, psyche, emotions, sensations, and socialization. As you know bird watching in the spring, we will do the same with human like-flower shapes in different environment (personal homes, landscape), using as well performance art as well butoh principles. Blooming and opening – this is a way of pleasure and pain, experiencing controversial emotions moving from the deep of shadows to the clearness of the sunshine, going out of home, isolation, and moving to unknown situation which is life. Slowly, naturally and authentically we will break the ice and numb position, trying to reach more lively & vivid state of body-mind. The sound will be based on the project “Waterflower”, as well live improvisation, using electronic, voice, real plants.