*Anniversary* – Jag Jord Jag Vatten Vättern

July 27th 6pm – Film release of Jag Jord Jag Vatten Vättern

(Info also available in Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, and Swedish)

Jag Jorg Lake Vättern is an experiment in documentary making in extraordinary times. The film began as an exploration of how local communities around Lake Vättern (Sweden) are raising their voices against threats to the lake, including plans of establishing an opencast mine and the Swedish military shooting in the water. Filmmakers interviewed the coordinator for Rights of Nature Sweden (Pella Thiel), a lawyer and member of Swedish Earth Rights Lawyers (Mariam Carlsson Kanyama), the founder of a nature-based NGO (Henrik Hallgren), a member of parliament for the swedish Green Party (Rebecka le Moine) and a playwright and writer (Stina Oscarson).

In true NSU-style, adapting to COVID-19 required the film to make some unexpected travels – with the raw footage being shipped to Copenhagen for safe-keeping with the Anniversary Project manager, and then finally finding a new home with artist and filmmaker Benedikte Esperi.

On July 27th, the full documentary will be released HERE through Nordic Summer University. Benedikte’s interpretation of the previous filmmakers’ work is a fascinating insight into transnational collaboration and the “Nomadic method” that NSU is known for.


NSU 70th Anniversary!

To celebrate 70 years of NSU’s activism and scholarship, in 2019 we embarked upon a series of arts-research projects which reflected the history of NSU and wider expressions of ‘Nordic’ values. From print-making to sound art, to VR installations and performances, our ten artists have been using every artistic-research-method under the sun!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Jag Vattern project, or HERE to see more of our 10 arts/Research pieces.