* Anniversary * – lightweight luggage for transitioning, video digestion Q&A

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the basic-democratic nomadic Nordic Summer University commissioned ten artistic / research projects to trace its spirit.

From keynote speeches and talks held in previous summer meetings, Berlin-born visual artist Stephanie Hanna Zu Thun und Lassen collected thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for an emancipatory transitioning towards a humane earthly survival. Editing these to video observations of situations where human interactions leave a trace on other beings, they are wondering whether and how thoughts can help to transform our state of being.

On Wednesday, July 29th, at 6.30 pm, there will be a video screening in Berlin, followed by a url/irl discussion — on location as well as online — at 7.30 pm CEST.

Please note that for the physical screening, we will follow the usual hygienic regulations, that is keeping physical distance and wearing masks, and that places are limited.

RSVP for attending the Berlin screening
via email <info(at)stephaniehanna(dot)de>

RSVP for attending the online discussion
(Wednesday, July 29th, 7.30 pm):

All the videos are accessible for online (pre)viewing during the week of the summer meeting, Sunday, July 26th until Sunday, August 2nd:

being a part, a video digestion of the keynote and NSU Press bestseller “Acceleration and Alienation. Towards a Critical Theory of Late-Modern Temporality” by Hartmut Rosa, edited to video images from a cow stable by Stephanie Hanna.
realized between January and July 2020, 35 min 30

on being (a keynote) is a humoristic tale about an experimental keynote performance by Myna Trustram, edited to video images by Stephanie Hanna.
November 2019, 3 min 30

Alpha Centauri does (not) care (about us) is an edit of a lunchtime conversation with feminist philosopher Naomi Scheman, edited to video images of Latvian water sources by Stephanie Hanna and Vineta Gailite.
July 2020, 12 min 20

impressions and reflections (what is so special about the NSU)
with Kerstin von Brömssen and Kristian Jeff Agustin.
Oktober 2019, 4 minutes

Please, watch them in your own time, and join us for the discussion on the corelations between deadlines, cultural reproduction, time scarcity, democratic decision making, the unsetttling gaze of the other and more.


NSU 70th Anniversary!

To celebrate 70 years of NSU’s activism and scholarship, in 2019 we embarked upon a series of arts-research projects which reflected the history of NSU and wider expressions of ‘Nordic’ values. From print-making to sound art, to VR installations and performances, our ten artists have been using every artistic-research-method under the sun!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Jag Vattern project, or HERE to see more of our 10 arts/Research pieces.