C7 Talonen: Making friends in/with the isolation

Virva Talonen

Helsinki / online. As a video format via Vimeo. The link is accessible during the symposium.


The exercise is based on the score as follows:

1.Find a place to start.
2. Set the alarm in 8 minutes.
3. Close your eyes.
4. Concentrate on the surface of your skin.
5. Move in the space.
6. Open your eyes.
7. Approach and touch in close proximities.
8. Make friends with surroundings.
9. Play.
10. Make the end when you hear the alarm

This proposal takes a form of an improvised dance exercise / performance based on a score. The context lays in contemporary dance with my practice as a choreographer. The proposal is documented on a video format and can be accessed via internet during the time of symposium. The proposal is based on two different issues; the body and its playfulness and the multiple imaginary worlds playfulness can embody. Themes such skin, touching and close proximity are in focus on my artistic practice. During this time of crisis lock downs, social distances and “Do not touch” -requests are guiding our corporeal being. Isolation cuts the interactions and shared presences. Act of touching can be perilous. How to remain sanity in the isolated space with limited skin contact? Before the corona I worked on a dance performance based on the movement of close physical contact and ongoing touch between dancing bodies. As I needed to suspend contact rehearsals I entered in a vacuum space with no one to relate to. This condition was eventually visited by playfulness and started to fill up with unknown perspectives, hope and sensitivity to stay at the present moment and to cherish it. “Making friends in/with isolation” is a documentation about an excercise of being in touch with others in isolation. It is an attempt to practice touching and corporeal interacting with human and non-human things around me in isolated space and to approach the things as they are by making an acquaintance with and invite them to play. This might open up multiple worlds, lightness and empathy in these rather heavy times.