C7 Euro, Kiiveri: that element appears in its original position

Pia Euro & Tanja Kiiveri

Helsinki, online

that element appears in its original position,

Part 2: Juhannusruusunkuja 3,

horizontal sculpture,

dimensions variable,

July 2020


The installation takes place in-between spatial and screen, virtual and actual.

This work is a remake of an installation we produced in Berlin at ACUD gallerie in 2019 (https://acudmachtneu.de/events/1315/that-element-appears-in-its-original-position/). We will use the same elements and materials as in the previous installation such as: polyester fabric, lead roap, glass of whiskey, woollen string. Instead of the context of the gallery space this version will take take place in between street level studio space in Vuosaari, Helsinki and the outdoor life and conditions outside of the door of the studio. The control and the aesthetics of the organized studio space as “concept of a white cube” in contrast to complete unexpectedness of the life outside of the wall size windows of the studio is a core element of this work.

These events we are creating in these conditions will be transformed into virtual and linear form of video work and/or digital images.

We want to play with the tension of unavoidability as lightness and weight of three dimensional objects in contrast of linearity and temporality of the video, and on the other hand the power of the framing of the photographic image. How the objects in space and place transform into a sequence of images and what can we do with an element of time in this multi-layered situation in between virtual and actual.