C2 Mushtrieva: Inter-Twined

Maru Mushtrieva – Inter-Twined 
narrative game, all week virtual event

Maru Mushtrieva would prepare a narrative game based on the interactive story-telling framework Twine. The story will include the traces of the contributors of Cybioses Circle and document in this playful way our Summer session. 

The contribution will be accessible during the whole duration of the summer session. To wander around, get lost and get found follow the link

Maru Mushtrieva, (b. 1985, Kysyl-Syr, Yakutia, Russia). Since 2006 based in Berlin, Germany. She received her MA in Comparative Literature at Free University Berlin in 2018 and a project scholarship at Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School in 2019. She is a part of a feminist hip-hop band R&D, one of co-editors of Agathe Bauer publication (TLTRPreß), initiator of a text-based event series LOW TEXT. Since 2015 she worked as a researcher and co-writer for choreographic pieces (Ula Sickle, Begüm Erciyas) and as a researcher for the artist collective Slavs and Tatars. Her current projects: a collection of her performative texts “book of games and services” (Circadian Berlin). She performed at Transmediale Vorspiel (panke gallery), Berlin Atonal festival, Poesiefestival Berlin. Her last collection of poetic texts appeared in online publication sync. (2019) and in Bridge IV (2020) publication.