C3 Izraeli: Hosting our others

Sagy Watemberg Izraeli

Zoom. For more info: contact Sagy: sagywi@gmail.com

Everyone is invited to bring an artifact with them, send them in ahead of time or bring them spontaneously to the meeting.

I invite participants for a journey on the ridge of disharmony within each of us, the feeling of “otherness” within our very selves, and to attempt to practice hospitality towards it. We will share personal artifacts – a story, a text that we have written or read, a photograph whether spontaneous or staged, or any other artifact with captures our experience of meeting with one of their own internal “others”. It is preferable that participants send in their artifacts ahead of time, but also spontaneous sharings are welcome. According to the comfort and want of the participants, different forms of discussions, questions, or thoughts will be woven together by the group.