Register / Become a Member!

NSU is a volunteer-based organisation

Did you know that the Nordic Summer University is run by volunteers? And that you can become a member, and thus help shape the future of NSU?

​We ask everyone who is participating in the summer session program this year to register and if possible to become a member. To become a member, you can pay the membership fee (25 euro, or 10 euro if you’d like to use the discounted price). You can do that here:

For those that are already a member of NSU – for instance because you have attended a Winter Symposium earlier this year – please register for the summer session through the same website (free of charge). 

If you’d like to know more about NSU, see the official homepage:

As a member you’re also welcome to contribute to the General Assembly. Every year during the Summer Session a General Assembly is held, where representatives (delegates) from each circle and each region (Nordic, Baltic & International regions) can vote on issues about the organisation: who is going to be on the board next year, which study circles will get funding, etc. This year will be an important General Assembly, as the funding for 2021 and further has been cut, and some decisions will need to be made about the future direction of NSU. ​