Proposal Idea #4

IDEA 4…. Open World Demand

1950. Niels Bohr writes an open letter to the UN calling for “common knowledge about social conditions and technical enterprises” to prevent the entrenchment of Nationalism and a rapid escalation of military power. The same summer, Bohr joins NSU’s 1950 summer school. Bohr’s spirit of breaking down the barriers between disciplines, industries of learning and social responsibility, is the atmosphere in which NSU’s cooperative ideals and structures are forged.

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

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Proposal Idea #3

IDEA 3…. Reverse Youth Rebellions

1985. Danish newspapers have screamed about NSU becoming infiltrated with the Marxist ideology of the day. The ferocity of the student rebellions is beginning to bite, as many senior academics turn away from their NSU past. Summer passions are forgotten. Professors keep quiet about their association with summer University’s playful and critical spirit. A generation of older scholars withdraw from the wild ecosystem of cross-disciplinary debate into the comfort of their offices…

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

#thenordics #arts #research#artsfunding #archive#nordicsummeruniversity#artistopportunities #researchers#learning #universities 

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The Nordic Summer University (NSU) has commissioned 10 artists and researchers to trace the spread of NSU’s values across the world. At the forefront of creative techniques in archiving, philosophy and creative methods, the projects will culminate in a mini-festival in Norway in Summer 2020 to celebrate NSU’s 70th anniversary – truly the oldest Nordic institution of its kind!

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We are delighted to be funded by by Nordic Council of Ministers’ joint branding project, The Nordics, to trace the spirits of Nordicness across the world through NSU’s radical history of research

Proposal Idea #2

IDEA 2…. Power Plant Storms: NSU harnessing nature.

Through thundering rain and earthquake-rumbles, hardy members of NSU battle the elements in an annual 10-day Summer Session of 1995. The pursuit of knowledge mixes with the smell of sulphur. A keynote speaker recollects “Listen, I’ve been a nun for forty years, and this is the closest to hell I’ve ever been!” Steam rises from the earth and the inimitable Slavoj Zizek delivers lectures from the breakthroughs of the Ljubljana school. 

#NordicSummerUniversity Sessions have changed quite a bit since 1995. But our relentless pursuit of knowledge, embracing whatever nature throws at us, remains firm.

What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.


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Proposal Idea #1

IDEA 1….Women and Capitalism at NSU.

A revolution in Røros… The 1973 session began Nordic Summer University’s long association with feminist theory and gender equality. A newly created circle – “The specific character of women’s oppression under capitalism” – became the first such focus within Nordic Universities, connected to the radical politics of the 1970s – with Danish Newspaper Danske Weekend-Avisen describing NSU as engaged in a “ublodige [bloodless] revolution”. What sprits can YOU trace from NSU’s history? Follow the link in bio for more info.

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What is expected?

The call is open to artists, students and researchers of any discipline or medium who can demonstrate affinity with the values of NSU.

Projects should:

  • produce at least one trace*of the spirit of the Nordic Summer University – a tangible element that spreads (see below)
  • be prepared to share their working process with NSU through dialogue and engagement from the start of their project (Summer 2019) to the culmination of it (Summer 2020)
  • include at least one Contact Member who will be responsible for sending regular communications updates – e.g. photos, videos, audio or writing samples – to the Anniversary Project Manager
  • be present at the 70thAnniversary event in Norway in Summer 2020 in some form– be this as a live performance/presentation, an artefact, a text, an installation etc… 

What is offered?

  • Funding of up to 30,000 DKK (or 4000 Euro) is available per project (with an accepted budget) to cover the costs of material needed, potentially a visit to the NSU Archive held at the Danish National Archives (Rigsarkivet) in Copenhagen, and/or an honorarium for researchers/artists.
  • Additional funding up to 5,600 DKK per project is available for costs to produce and spread the project’s trace*(e.g. through non-commercial publication or another means of production) 

Where do I start?

Please fill in the application form and return to Kai Green, NSU Anniversary Project Manager, by email: Questions are welcomed! Deadline: 31stMay 2019.

NSU is a Nordic research network which organises study circles across the boundaries of nationality and discipline. Since 1950, we have been creating forums for cultural and intellectual debate in the Nordic and Baltic region, involving students, academics, politicians, and intellectuals from this region and beyond.

However, not everyone knows our story. Not even us.

With 70 years of radical history, there are so many stories to collect and traces to follow – from our 1995 keynote speaker Slavoj Žižek being ushered onto a plane asking for “5 more minutes please!”, to our vast array of provocative research books

What happens after I submit my application?

After the deadline, an Advisory Group of volunteers, including present coordinators of NSU study circles and Board members, will select the proposals that will be funded. As the available funding is limited, we will unfortunately not be able to fund every project. We will inform the contact person of each project proposal as soon as possible regarding the outcome, but no later than 15th June 2019