Be a participant or an organizer!

This year’s NSU Summer Session is like nothing we have done before.

We are opening our nine unique study circles to everybody, as well as our keynote speakers, democratic assemblies, and art-research projects. Wherever you are, you can explore how NSU can build a multi-disciplinary, openly democratic, international and distinctly “Nordic” event.

Grants are available for creating events, reading circles, performances (and much more) which embody the spirit of NSU, produce a “trace”, and expand the theme of our study circles.


* The above image is sculpture called “EŦNICITY INC.” by @nathanael.lebret, one of the artists commissioned to explore NSU’s relationship with ‘Nordicness’, in project Into The Forest…

NSU’s 70th Anniversary

As well as our Summer Session, Nordic Summer University (NSU) has been busy this year commissioning artistic projects, research projects and new collaborations around our historical archive in Copenhagen. We have been seeking proposals for works which trace the spread of NSU’s values across the world. The projects will culminate in our Summer 2020 Session to celebrate NSU’s 70thanniversary – truly the oldest Nordic institution of its kind!

FIND OUT MORE about the 10 arts-research projects which are taking a journey through NSU’s tempestuous past, and throwing forward to the future.

We are delighted to be funded by #TheNordics to trace the spirits of Nordicness across the world through NSU’s radical history of research