The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is commissioning artistic projects, research projects and new collaborations around our historical archive in Copenhagen. We are seeking proposals for works which tracethe spread of NSU’s values across the world. The projects will culminate in a mini-festival in Norway in Summer 2020 to celebrate NSU’s 70thanniversary – truly the oldest Nordic institution of its kind!

We are inviting individuals or groups of artists and researchers to bring the history of NSU and its core Nordic heritage to a wider audience. Projects can be inspired by visiting the NSU Archive in Copenhagen or from another part of our history (see further on in this call for some examples), and can take the form of audio, films, writing, artworks and/or artistic experiments/interventions. 

We are delighted to be funded by #TheNordics to trace the spirits of Nordicness across the world through NSU’s radical history of research