Q: Do I need to organise / apply for a trace in order to join during the summer?
A: No! All events in the summer are open for anyone to join. In fact, this is RULE 1 for everybody organising a trace: make sure that as many people from around the world can join!

Q: Who can apply to organise a trace?
A: Anyone from around the world, from any discipline, or none. Apply through the study circle of your choice (see the full list here). Coordinators of the circles decide which traces will be accepted, and they will take into consideration several criteria, which you can read more about here: http://support.nsuweb.org/coordinators/instructions-for-traces-projects/. At least some of our traces selected will have to be from Nordic and Baltic participants, but this is not a requirement for all traces.

Q: Do I need to be a member of NSU to apply to organise a trace, or to participate during the summer week?
A: Anyone can apply, member or no member. We ask people who end up organising the traces to become a member once their proposal is accepted – then you can be a part of the team! And anyone who wants to support the organisation can also become member.

Q: What are the Membership rates for 2020?
A: NSU Membership for 2020 is 10 or 25 euro. Being a member means you actively support NSU, and that you are included in the democratic decision making of NSU. NSU is a horizontal organisation, and during the summer session there will be the General Assembly (also virtually organised this year) where the main decisions will be made: which study circles will get funded next year, who will be on the board next year, hold the present board accountable for their work and reporting, etc.

Q: That seems awfully good value for being part of a bottom-up organisation?
A: Why, thank you! You can read more about the organisation of NSU on the main website: nordic.university

Q: How do I join the summer session 2020?
A: Keep track of this website where the schedule of all events taking place will be uploaded, with descriptions. Sign up for the newsletter, or follow NSU on Facebook where updates will also be posted. You are free to join as many or none of the events as you’d like. As this is a tradition at the Nordic Summer University, although you may be attracted to NSU through a specific topic and study circle, you are free to join the activities of other circles as you please. Being interdisciplinary and open to all are very important aspects of all NSU activities.

Q: When does the summer session 2020 take place?
A: 26th of July until 2nd of August.