Children’s Circle

Dear Children (and parents)

Since the physical summer session has been cancelled this year, we have come up with a creative alternative. We would like you all to participate in a collaborative video, where you are invited to share a short presentation and a physical message to everyone. After receiving all of your videos, we will put them together in one – this video will be shared on the NSU platforms. (If you do not wish to share a video an alternative could be a picture or a drawing of what you would be doing at NSU this summer.)

If you would like to participate please grab your camera, smartphone or computer and record yourself. An example of what you could say could be something like this:
Greeting and presentation: Greetings from Estonia! My name is Josef and I am 10 years old…
Positive message: I am sorry we couldn’t come to the summer session this year, but i am looking forward to seeing everyone next year! See you next year!

Please follow the above format, so that we can edit it all together for a big positive uniting message for all of us.

Please customize your greeting, message etc. as much as you would like. The above is just an example and an inspiration.
You are very welcome to speak in your own language or English. Whatever you feel more comfortable with. However, if you choose to speak any language other than English, Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, PLEASE INCLUDE a textual translation in English so that we can put English subtitles on the video, allowing everyone to understand the video.

You can record the video by yourself or together with your siblings if you were coming together with them.

Should you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! (You can write an email to:

Please submit your video by emailing it to (deadline August 1). If the video file is too big to send via email, you can upload your video to Youtube, Google Drive or another site and share the link to the video with us in the email.

Best regards
Anna, Kajsa and Felix
Mentor and Youth Leaders