Timeline of 70 years of NSU Study Circles!

As part of the arts/research project Tracing the Conversation, Nicole des Bouvrie has been exploring the (extra)ordinary twists and turns of the study circles of Nordic Summer University, stretching back 70 years! Flick through for facts, reflections and historical insights into the shaping of this unique, Nordic institution.

You can find out more about Nicole’s project – including its goals and methodology – on the dedicated website.

Emerging from shelves

The largest part of the research has been done… collecting all the different study circle programs from all the years that the Nordic Summer University has been active. Seventy years of data, in Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. Only since 2013 were all the (titles) of the study circles in English. This month Sara Wengström helped me to translate all the study circle programs into English, so over the next months I can start analysing and write up my findings, to present at the Summer Session 2020 in Norway. 

Nicole des Bouvrie, Dec 2019

Puzzles and Adventures

Find more from Nicole here: https://www.nobyeni.com/tag/Nordic-summer

Introducing: Project 4

Interlocking the threads of conversation.

Philosopher Nicole des Bouvrie spins through the study circles that have taken place during the 70 years of NSU’s existence. With Foucauldian archaeology as her tool, Nicole excavates the dialogues, frank exchanges and creative contestations that wove our institutional history.

Follow Nicole laying the leaves of her work into a book and installation, through her self-grown publishing house, by following her blog: https://www.nobyeni.com/tag/nordic-summer/

Image by Andrew-buchanan on @Unsplash