the Now Archive #2

Trapped within my own four walls, the lockdown forced me to deal with the things in my immediate surroundings, which are reproduced as ‘Traces’ and snapshot of my personal life. The archive project has been transformed into a digital, expanded image catalogue, documenting the stories of people and time.

Karima Klasen, July 2020

Marxist Visions?

Introducing: Project 9

Enter, through fragments, to an experimental “Ganzfeld” (a whole field).

Interdisciplinary visual artist Karima Klasen explores a participatory act of presentation and creation, where texts, materials, and objects will form sculptures. Visitors to Time in Space become part of an artwork with the opportunity to participate, draw, read and interact with NSU’s history of perceptions. 

We are reminded of hidden traces on contact. The eye touches a surface. A hand sketches. The mind connects pieces to lived experience.