How to update a session in the schedule

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A) Add new post to the schedule: Log in to wordpress. Create a new post (Posts > Add new, in left column). Add the text that you want to (later) be visible behind the “read more” link in the NSU 2020 Schedule, in it. Links will be visible and active like NSU 2020 Schedule is here.

Please remember to include all info relevant to people you invite to attend your trace, including how to access online sessions or documentation (email or link). Set a featured image if you want. You will find all current featured images in the media library.

To make your post replace a current session in the NSU 2020 schedule, please

1) include the correct date and CET hour of your Trace in your post title or post text (to avoid misunderstandings, since Arrkom must update date and hour manually when adding a post to the schedule.)

2) select Send to schedule and your Circle number in Categories in the right column next to your new post

3) press Publish (or Update if already published)

B) Update a post created by you
If you update content (text or photos inside a post) in a post that is already connected to the schedule, the update should happen immediately when you reload the schedule.

Thank you! Any questions, contact Arrkom at