On Being (A Keynote)

lightweight luggage – #2

One of our artist-researchers finding #TracesofNorth in NSU’s past!

Wanting to be a keynote… Not wanting to be a keynote.
Wanting to say wise things… But feeling unable to.

Stephanie Hanna (@zu.thun_und.lassen) asks How can thoughts help to transition our state of being?

From October 2019 until July 2020, a new episode or part of the ongoing series will appear, as a collective and audio-visualized thinking process.

Episode 1 Part 1


lightweight luggage – #1

One of our artist-researchers finding #TracesofNorth in NSU’s past!

Who is @zu.thun_und.lassen? “In the upcoming 10 months, I will trace the h*story of the @Nordic Summer University audio-visually through the keynote lectures which most appeal to me, which I will reference in one way or the other in a series of video observations called LIGHTWEIGHT LUGGAGE FOR TRANSITIONING.

Before I get into the keynotes themselves, I asked long-term, returning and first-time attendees about their impressions and recollections of this self-made institution”

And here comes Episode 1, Part 1

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Introducing: Project 5

How do we trace the shifting relation between a body and an idea? How can we embed the out-of-body experience, of an abstract idea, in a sensory experience?

Stephanie Hanna brings her pluridisciplinary art skills to glimpsing NSU’s memories. Winding back through NSU’s archive of keynote speeches, Stephanie will search for thoughts that give direction, hope and momentum for emancipatory transitioning into solid-ary forms of being and thinking together.

Welcome to a growing video library of embodied thoughts: segments of speeches that once sparked ideas will be re-voiced and overlaid with close, meditative, video observations of everyday actions.

Follow Stephanie’s journey of digging and excavating gems in the most unexpected places and combinations.

Photo by Andy Beales on @Unsplash