the future of utopia – the NSU book being assembled…

Stamp Out the Digital

All of our arts-research projects are having to adjust to life under lock-down. The elements that have made Nordic Summer University thrive for our 70 years – interdisciplinary collaboration, across borders, sharing time in intimate surroundings – are qualities currently under great strain.

So it’s glorious to start to see the fruits from our collaboration with letterpress artist @RedPlatePress, and his collaborators Luise Valentiner and Jens Jørgen Hansen. We can’t wait to have the physical copies of their letterpress-book to share with the NSU community. Digital mediums might be easier, but they are no match for the material thing…

Kai Roland Green, 17 May 2020

Searching for the News

Introducing: Project 3

A printing press stands resolute on a desk. The crisp clatter of printing stamps is heard; the printing blanket is pulled back. Whispers of pages, shuffled between unknown hands. 

A British-US-Danish collaboration brings three visual artists – David Armes, Jens Jørgen Hansen and Megan Adie – together around a literary time-capsule. Their practice-based piece takes historical newspaper stories, explored from the perspective of letterpress printing and artists’ books.