Call for Papers / Traces!

We invite all NSU members and new participants to apply to produce a trace during our week of learning and celebrating in July/August. Your activity should be related to the topics and themes of our Study Circles (SEE BELOW!).

Invitation to Summer Session 2020

As spaces of education, culture and arts are forced to adjust to an unknown summer ahead, here at the Nordic Summer University new forms of engagement are spreading…

Your work can be produced individually or in a collaboration with other participants. It could be:

* a virtual conference,
* a webinar lecture,
* a podcast session,
* a workshop,
* an interview,
* a virtual performance,
* a journal article,
* a film shoot,
* a reading of a play,
* a local gathering,
* a joint themed dinner
* … or any kind of experiment.

As long as the Trace is in line with the values of the NSU – with its Nordic heritage of folkbildning and self-organisation – participants are welcome to produce and partake in Traces in whatever way and format they prefer. You can learn more about the history of the Nordic Summer University here!

SEE BELOW for more details. Deadline for sending in proposals for Traces is 31st of May.

Need more inspiration?

Here are some ideas from our Arts/Research into the history of the NSU.