C2 Cat Eyed People,Tracks – human traces transformed into music

all week participatory event
26.07. – 31.07.2020.

… human traces transformed into music…
Humans move – we take the bus, tram, car or bike to work, we drop by our neighbors and friends on an evening stroll, we take the dog for a walk, we go on holiday and travel miles to a cottage or across the globe to a distant beach, and so on. 2020 has this far been a year of lockdown, travel restrictions and home quarantine. The human movement has been restricted in ways that was hard to imagine before the beginning of this year, and the restrictions continues to be so, at least over the summer. During this pandemic time we connect digitally, our digital presence is increased and the social interaction limited and distanced.

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C2 Maru, Inter-Twined, online trace

Maru Mushtrieva – Inter-Twined 
narrative game, all week virtual event

Maru Mushtrieva would prepare a narrative game based on the interactive story-telling framework Twine. The story will include the traces of the contributors of Cybioses Circle and document in this playful way our Summer session.  Continue reading C2 Maru, Inter-Twined, online trace

C2 Palle, Future Capsule, all week online collaborative event

all week event
Future Capsule Palle Dahlstedt –  (online collaborative event, phase 1: Sun-Wed, phase 2: Thu-Sun)

The details will be announced during the opening session of our circle on 27th July from 9.30-11.00. You can join us for the introduction in our zoom room.

In the Cybioses circle we have in a series of symposia dealt with the near and far future, discussed what prediction, projection and speculation is, and what the role of technology could be in the idea of human-technology futures. We have discussed how we should or could understand such futures, and prepare or design for them.

But in our symposia, there has been some hesitation about presenting any visions or speculations – guesses – of how things will turn out. This is understandable, as it is impossible to know. Still, it is fun and interesting to try, and especially – in hindsight – to reflect on how things turned out. Continue reading C2 Palle, Future Capsule, all week online collaborative event

C2 Mirabelle.Zoom Reads You 1.08.

16.00-17.00 / 1.08. Presentation of the results of the survey / registration here.

The results will be presented on 1.08.2020 within the frames of Nordic Summer University and followed by a Q&A session.

What do our gestures, including our micro / macro facial expressions, nervous ticks, grimaces and glances say about us? What is the story we are telling intentionally or unintentionally when we are on video chat and how does this perpetual storytelling effect our understanding of ourselves and our world? What can we gain from a critical awareness of these questions in conversation with philosophical, aesthetic and sociological concerns?

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C2 Rafael, The Plasticity of World Building / lecture-performance 30.07.

12.00-14.00 / 30.07. pre-register here.
Rafael Dernbach – The Plasticity of World Building

World building is the practice of constructing imaginary or fictional worlds or universes. As a narrative technique, it is a key element of many of today’s fictional practices beyond its classic domains of science fiction and fantasy literature. It can take many shapes, often combining the creation of fictional stories, documents, maps, ethnographies or even invented languages. Rather than focusing on a protagonist or set of fictional characters, fictional practices centering world building explore a fictional totality, with its history, ecology and physics. Instead of a subjective or objective account of a reality, such practices encourage a form of reality testing, framing certain aspects of a world as malleable while framing others as static.

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C2 Lou Cantor, The Oracle (Part 2) – 1.08.

14.00-16.00 / 1.08.

The Oracle. Workshop (Part 2)

UPD: You can still participate in the second part. Please, find joint writing pad of the workshop here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/Lou_Cantor-keep . To get more info how to prepare for the next session pre-register here

The Oracle is a work of speculative fiction. Situated in the future, when all political power and agency has been handed over to Post-Human Intelligence. A monologue is held by an avatar of the new governing power. Representing itself in a form of human-shaped but nevertheless synthetic lips, the consul of new world order remains disembodied and signals its origin in the higher-order. 

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C2 Talya & Eric, Wearables (Part 2) 28.07.

11.00-13.00 / 28.07. pre-register here.

Honesty By Design? Wearable Technology and Cyber-gaze. Workshop (Part 2) by Talya Ucaryilmaz & Eric Deibel

UPD: The second part of the workshop would center itself on the case-studies of wearables to think about both utopian and dystopian applications of them.

Smartwatches, smart glasses or fitness activity trackers have become increasingly popular. They are generally referred as ‘wearable technologies’ because they operate in many frontiers of technology: Health, fitness, military, fashion. In other words, there is no wearable technology, there is wearable information. The primary focus of such technologies is not about the wearablity but the commodification of information by using wearability as a tool. Wearable technologies come with lower expectations about our privacy as well as the distraction of our intimate sphere. This research concerns itself with the fashion technology as an unexplored territory in this debate. Will the wearable information be the next way of cyber-surveillance in a future synchronized by multiple sensors? Is our personal data worthless? Do we need to be transparent all the time?

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