Jag Jord Jag Vatten – Compilation

Jag Jord Jag Vatten Vättern explores of how local communities around Lake Vättern (Sweden) are raising their voices against threats to the lake, including plans of establishing an opencast mine and the Swedish military shooting in the water.

Watch a compilation of interviews with the coordinator for Rights of Nature Sweden (Pella Thiel), a lawyer and member of Swedish Earth Rights Lawyers (Mariam Carlsson Kanyama), the founder of a nature-based NGO (Henrik Hallgren), a member of parliament for the Swedish Green Party (Rebecka le Moine), an Operations manager at Österängens Konsthall (Johanna Linder), and a playwright and writer (Stina Oscarson).

Idea, concept and camera: Arci Pasanen and Phil Jamieson
Post-production at Nordic Summer University: Benedikte Esperi

Part-funded by The Nordics, a joint branding project by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Made for Nordic Summer University. Find out more at TracingTheSpirit.com, and Nordic.University

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