NSU Competition!

Our extraordinary #letterpress artist colleague David Armes (@RedPlatePress) has been using printing to respond to the stories and discussions from Nordic Summer University’s past, as part of our 70th Anniversary.

David has been binding a unique collection of prints inspired by the NSU archive, each page crafted by hand using the manual technology of letterpress printing, together with collaborators from Denmark and the USA. An extremely limited number of books have been printed – with finished pages passed from one artist to the next – for final binding by David.

And YOU could win one – a truly unique piece of history from the oldest Nordic institution of its kind!

To be in with a chance of winning one of the books, simply:

1. Answer the following question: What has NSU meant to you, and why should it continue?

This can be answered in the form of a strong memory, an image, a manifesto, or simply recalling a conversation with a fellow member, on a windy Nordic beach…

(or, if you are new to NSU, you can answer: What does “Nordic-ness” mean to you?)

2. Send your answer in a Tweet, or a Facebook post, or an Instagram post, with the following hashtags:

Facebook: #TracesOfNorth @NordicTraces @NSU2020

Instagram: @the.nordics #TracesOfNorth @tracethespirit

Twitter: @The_Nordics #TracesOfNorth @NSU_70

Runners-Up to the competition may win original printed pieces from copies of the book which did not fully bind – a piece of ephemera for an original poster!

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