Thursday 30. July CEST 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm C9: Vi-ral-enna: Tracing Comics Through Vienna in Times of Corona

Thursday 30 July at 16–18 CET

Marina Rauchenbacher, Katharina Serles & Bernhard Frena

Vienna’s comic scene is bustling but hardly institutionalized, let alone connected, and thus hard to access for outsiders. Plenty of collections, (private) archives, exhibition spaces and galleries, bookstores and libraries specializing in comics exist, but their location, contact and content info is not collected or made accessible publicly. As such, they remain detached and isolated.

Physical distancing in corona times has carved out the importance of strong and re-traceable networks, measures to make visible and to connect cultural initiatives as well as offering online alternatives. We will accordingly start our trace, by identifying, ‘tracing’ and visualizing comics, comics agents and spaces in Vienna. The accrued map, together with theoretical deliberations of charting a ‘scene’, mapping networks and ‘localizing’ unlocalized projects, will be made long-term accessible as a website. Simultaneously, the current situation allows for contrasting our methods of tracing with pathologizing/epidemiological trackings of chains of infection, identifying viral-/net-structures within the comic form and as such reflecting on and contextualizing ‘Corona Comics’/‘Comics in Times of Corona’ as societal-political and cultural-critical practices. Overall, we strive to counter-read and re-interpret ‘tracing’ as a productive future-oriented practice of cultural networking.

We invite you to virtually join us in an open discussion, both on the produced map, as well as the intersections between comics, traces and virology. Building the connection between the local situation in Vienna and the global pandemic all around us.

The discussion takes place on Zoom.

Please register to Circle 9 to get access to the Zoom link.

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