C7 Gathering on Harakka island

Harakka island 26 July 10:00–20:00 EEST


9:45 Meeting at Ullanlinna pier near Café Ursula in Kaivopuisto (Ehrenströmintie 3)
10:00 Boat to Harakka (http://www.harakansaari.fi/en/contact)
10:15–10:45 Annette Arlander: Precarious Playground (island tour, gathering at the map)
10:45–11:30 Coffee and introduction to the exhibition From the Mainland
11:30–12:00 Introduction of participants and the Nordic Summer University
12:00–13:00 Pauliina Laukkanen: Research Speed Dating
13:00–14:00 Lunch at Harakka kitchen
14:00–14:30 Lynda Gaudreau: JAJOSKOKÖTISTIC
14:30–15:00 Laura Willström and Titta Aaltonen: Spheres of Influence

15:00–16:30 Parallel sessions (coffee available at the kitchen)
OUTDOORS: Nanni Vapaavuori (Personal portable light situation/ Light walk out of focus)
ON ZOOM: Virtual opening reception & regional meeting
IN PRINT: Pilvi Porkola (Scores for an island)

16:30–17:00 Francesco Trento & Dasha Che: Something We Love Very Slowly (SWLVS)

17:00–18:30 Parallel sessions
AT AUDITORIUM: Annette Arlander (Returning to the Stairs), Olga Heikkilä (Demarcation), Elina Saloranta (Solar Eclipse)
ON ZOOM: Keynote speaker Steve Fuller (How the post-truth condition subverts the idea of critique)

18:30–19:00 Pilvi Porkola: Scores for artistic research
19:00–20:00 Dinner at Harakka kitchen
20:00–22:00 Party (bring your own refreshments)

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